Special Delivery! A Tale of Great/Awful Customer Service, aided by Gifs from Tumblr.

Before I get on to the Birchbox unboxing, I need to explain why this post has come so late. What follows in a tale of great customer service on the part of Birchbox, and frankly shocking customer service on the part of a shoddy courier company who shall remain nameless *cough* YODEL *cough*. Ehem. Who’m I kidding? I tell it like it is here at SWB. And I’ve peppered this post with my favourite feels gifs, because otherwise this post will just make me angry and stressed again in remembering-…. Let’s do this.

I signed up for Birchbox again (see my post about my previous experience with them) in late-ish April, certainly well past their ‘usual’ shipping window, but still within time to get their April box. It shipped right at the end of the month (the 30th) and their email said to ‘Please allow 5 working days for your box to arrive’. Since this 5 days fell over a bank holiday weekend, I was patient. I listened for the post every day (I’m at home a lot at the moment), and it wasn’t until the 7th when I started to worry. Birchbox had provided me with the shipping number for tracking purposes, so I clicked the link to track the parcel. It took me through to a website for a company called Citipost, with a logo for a company called 13-Ten. I popped in the code, and lo and behold, my parcel had apparently been delivered on the first of May. To ‘Brown’.


I checked around my door, under my cats etc, and there was no card regarding this delivery. No hint as to who Brown was, or where said Brown lived. I found Citipost’s number (turns out they are a warehousing company), and they put me through to 13-Ten, a ‘Delivery Service’. 13-Ten informed me my package had been delivered almost a week ago. Great, I said, but who to? I have no card through my door to say where the parcel is, and the only information on the tracking link is the name ‘Brown’.

It turned out that this was all the information they had too. Because 13-Ten aren’t couriers. They are middle men, and they had handed off the parcel to Yodel to be delivered. They were able to give me another tracking number for Yodel’s system, and they washed their hands of me. Great.

tumblr_m3xwdxw0lT1r9kuv0So now I popped that number into Yodel’s tracking service. The information was the same. ‘Brown’ supposedly had my package. By this point, I was getting annoyed. I rang up Yodel’s customer service line. The person on the end of the line sounded sort of apologetic, and said they’d investigate, but  that perhaps I should ask my neighbours…

… Excuse me? So I’m supposed to waste mine and my neighbour’s time because your people can’t do their job properly and document where they left their delivery?!


Of course, numpty that I am, I asked everyone on my street, and some people round the corner. And course, there was no Brown, and no parcel to be found. The plot thickened.

Stressed and annoyed already, I got another email from Birchbox- my May box was on the way! Oh no, I thought, looking at the email. They’d sent it through the same service as before. Still, I thought, this kind of ridiculousness can’t happen again… can it?


All day on the 8th I tracked the parcel, following its progress from warehouse to dispatch service, to courier. Just in case, I stayed in the front of my house (so, my bedroom or dining room) so that I couldn’t possibly miss the door. I kept my window open, and leapt up at every car, just in case, so I couldn’t possibly have to go through this ridiculousness again. I know that this behaviour is a little nuts in retrospect, trust me, but I’m a paranoid, nervous wreck sometimes, and this situation had triggered my anxious side and then some.

I knew from my discussions with customer service the day before that the latest Yodel delivered was supposedly 5.30pm, so from 4.45, with my phone  browser tracking my packing, I sat down by the front door, and waited. And waited.

At 5.20, I refreshed the browser, and then had a meltdown. Because apparently my parcel had been delivered at 5.11pm. To ‘Klus’. WHICH WAS A LIE. YOU KNOW HOW I KNOW IT WAS A LIE, BESIDE THE FACT THAT I AM THE ONLY NATASHA KLUS IN THE UK? BECAUSE I WAS SITTING BY THE BLOODY DOOR AT 5.11PM AND NOTHING HAPPENED.


I completely fell apart. I broke out in hives, went full panic mode. Someone was stealing from me, and all this bullshit was happening again, despite me being so on the ball.


I called 13-Ten (at this time I didn’t have the yodel number for the second parcel) and was hung up on when the system shut down at 5.30pm. I ran to my nearest neighbours, bless them, in a state, asking after the parcel, just in case one of them had taken it in under my name. Of course they hadn’t. There had been no delivery; pure lies on the paperwork.


I tried to cool off from my panic attack (hah. Not likely), and at around 6pm, desperate, I called Birchbox. I got through to someone in moments. I explained my story and obvious state of despair, and two minutes later, a humble apology in hand, my Birchboxes were being reshipped via Royal Mail, my future Birchboxes and purchases would be shipped by the same, and I had 50 birch box points (so, £5) added to my account as some recompense for my trouble. The April Box arrived

In conclusion, AVOID Yodel and 13-Ten always go straight to the company you ordered from if your parcel vanishes. Going round the houses is bloody useless and a waste of your time. And Birchbox customer service are on the ball and super nice. Snaps for them.

tumblr_m82dunxYKn1qjdrplSo yeah. I hope you enjoyed the Gifsplosion. They cheered me up when remembering an infuriating time. And no, I never did get an answer from the courier following their ‘investigation’. Hmph.

Unboxing soon, so later days!




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