An SWB Announcement- Blog plans and future.

Hello darlings.

It’s been eons since I wrote to you, and frankly that’s not on. My emotional health has been suffering due to a lack of creativity in my life, I’ve felt guilty and stunted due to not providing content, and this negative atmosphere has only exacerbated the situation, causing a backlog in topics, meaning some limited edition products have become unavailable before I’ve had a chance to talk to you about them. And that, frankly, SUCKS.

I think I need to make a change, and take the pressure off myself for the moment. I need to write whatever comes naturally right now, and now worry about keeping the blog balanced between food and beauty. That has been weighing on my mind lately- not because I want to stop food writing, but more because I haven’t had anything to talk about- I’m cooking a lot at the moment, but not desserts (which I’m known for) and nothing innovative. I’m working hard at the moment on my job, on other projects and on my health, so cooking is more for sustenance right now than adventure. That doesn’t mean it isn’t tasty- I make a batch of my chilli nearly every week and it’s wonderful- but it does mean it’s not good blog fodder. Also, with my forays into YouTube starting, I haven’t had anywhere suitable to film a food video at all.

I consider myself a food writer. The way I view the topics I write about is as cook. I’m interested in how ingredients work, smell and feel, and how they combine to make something more than themselves; how they work as a recipe. This hasn’t changed, but the fact is that for right now I haven’t got anything foodie to talk about. I do however have A LOT of beauty and lifestyle stuff sitting on the back burner while I’ve guilted myself over not providing food content.

So, to hell with that, I’m just going to write. If you’re only here for the food, I understand, and I’ll see you again later in the year when I’m feeling foodie again. If you love the beauty stuff, then stick around. There’s a lot more to come really soon.

Love and kisses, and thank you for your patience and continued readership.



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